"In just my first lesson with Adele I experienced a physical enlightenment.  Through the guidance of her intuitive and intelligent touch I began to recognize within myself the habitual holding patterns that interfere with my health and happiness.  I now have the chance to observe these habits as opposed to being unconsciously ruled by them, that I might ultimately shed them to consistently feel as light and free as I do in the studio with Adele."

—Brian Maloney, acupuncturist


“Adele is a teacher and a role model. With her acute intellect and skilled touch, she illuminates tendencies and possibilities in various parts of my body. She then guides an exploration of how these discoveries can serve the principles of the technique. If I come to her with a particular concern, she can address it thoroughly as though she had been preparing a lesson on it for weeks. What makes Adele more special still is her ability to empower me as a practitioner. I feel that I am acquiring the tools in each lesson to quiet down on my own and follow the principles that we explore, from the minute to the general. Furthermore, her own dedication to and passion for the human body and its potential serve as a constant inspiration. As a dancer accustomed to environments that more often highlight the limitations of my body, I leave Adele's lessons feeling awesome, capable, and excited to inhabit space.”

—Kyle Gerry, Dancer


“I am 71 and worry about losing ease and stability of movement as I age. Since I began working with Adele I have found that my flexibility and balance have improved and I feel lighter on my feet.  In addition the practice of short Alexander "lie downs" she recommends between sessions have a way of clearing my mind and leaving my body feeling revitalized.”  

—Liz Gewirtzman


“Adele’s positive and searching attitude help me undo habitual tension in all parts of my body. My profession is art restoration, which requires extended periods of holding my body still and hovering over an artwork with magnification. That, plus scoliosis and aging joints leave me feeling tired, achey and just plain bent. After my lessons with Adele, I feel lighter and I breathe more easily, I feel space in my joints and my spine. The lessons empower me to carry myself rather than hold myself upright.  Adele is knowledgeable, insightful and skilled and I always look forward to my weekly lesson with her.”

—Andrea Pitsch, Art Restorer