• back, neck and shoulder pain
  • chronic pain, tension & stiffness
  • anxiety, depression & fatigue
  • posture and balance
  • strength, flexibility & resiliency
  • more authentic expression, poise, confidence
  • awareness, alertness and clarity of body & mind

Adele herself came to the Technique through a back injury that threatened to sideline her dance career. She was relieved to find her pain dramatically alleviated by lessons, but the more unexpected and lasting benefits kept her returning for lessons and ultimately motivated her to become a teacher herself. These benefits included a deep quieting of her nervous system, a heightened sense of everyday awareness, an understanding of her muscoskeletal support system, a more even emotional keel, and a freer, clearer way of moving and being. 

Adele found in the Technique a practical means for bringing about the kind of changes and growth she had yearned for, by engaging in a dynamic process of self-discovery. This is the experience she hopes to impart to her students.